If you're visiting my site then you are looking to have a website built for your business or organization. Looking thru my services and websites I have built already you'll realize that my goal is to build a simple yet functional website that fits your business needs. Once completed, the website can be turned over over to you to manage and update which I will teach you how to do or I can continue to maintain the website for you. 

Take a look above at the services page as well checking out the links to some of the sites I've built already. If you have any questions after taking a look around feel free to fill out the contact form or email me directly at info@phoenixsitedesigns.com 

I started my first website related job in 2004, managing and maintaining an online business. This is where I was first introduced to the online market place and the concepts of E-CommerceOn-line Marketing and how to effectively manage and maintain a website. I now  work for a Intuit as a website consultant helping their clients build and maintain websites for small businesses and organizations as well as online stores. 

I enjoy the process of building a website from start to finish but for me the most gratifying part of the my job as a website consultant is being able to make a difference in the day to day functioning of peoples businesses. I have never, nor will I ever put myself ahead of the needs of a client. There for all the work I do is tailored to fit your business needs as well as your budget.  

My mission by starting Phoenix Web Design is to provide affordable website solutions to businesses and organizations. In the world today almost every business needs to have a website to get their name out there and market themselves. Many people think that by throwing up a quick site that has 1 page with their name and a brief description of what they do is enough to go their busienss. Unfortunately, thats not the case.

Every day more and more businesses are marketing via websites, so your website needs to stand out and make a the right impression to your potential customer. The problem is that most business owners, while great at running their business, aren't nessecarily the best at building attention catching websites. 

This is where I offer my services, spend your time running your business and set me to work on building you a website worthy of your name that will also be easy to maintain if you choose to take over the maintenance once the design is complete. 
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